The Voice you can "feel"

The Voice you can "feel"

The Voice you can "feel"The Voice you can "feel"The Voice you can "feel"

Currently available for bookings!

I'm here to give an identity to your project.

Who am i?

My voice, My life

At an early age growing up in a small coastal town in Florida, I discovered my passion for singing. All throughout my school years I knew what I wanted to be, life throws curve balls and at 18 I was in the Army headed in a different direction. After I got out I went on to study Opera at Valencia College in Orlando. Curve ball thrown again and path started to shift towards the passion for voice overs. After years of perfecting my voice I decided it was time to chase the dream in New York City. And now here I am with a burning desire to make sure everyone hears my voice. 

Available for Hire

I am available for voice overs or hosting shows and events on or off camera. I can offer expertise across all avenues of the VO world.  Please listen to my demos below for examples of the experience and skills I possess as a voice actor.

Current Affairs

Over the last couple of years I've tallied many different projects from news channel intros, commercials, political campaigns, podcast advertisements, and short animations. 

As a personal project I host a "micro" podcast titled "Say Goodnight" that provides positive reinforcement and aides in mental health before bedtime. 

To follow my journey, join along with me on social media.

Resume and Demos

With a commercial demo as well as a link to my podcast and others there's plenty to hear. 

More demos coming soon.  

Commercial demo (mp3)


Say Goodnight (mp3)


WABC Channel 7 intros (mp3)


Podcast Ad (mp3)


Contact Me

Do you have more questions? Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Don't hesitate! Let's get started today!

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